Preparing queriesΒΆ

CREATE TABLE records (

-- name: GetRecord :one
SELECT * FROM records
WHERE id = $1;

sqlc has an option to use prepared queries. These prepared queries also work with transactions.

package db

import (

type Record struct {
	ID int

type DBTX interface {
	PrepareContext(context.Context, string) (*sql.Stmt, error)
	QueryRowContext(context.Context, string, ...interface{}) *sql.Row

func New(db DBTX) *Queries {
	return &Queries{db: db}

func Prepare(ctx context.Context, db DBTX) (*Queries, error) {
	q := Queries{db: db}
	var err error
	if q.getRecordStmt, err = db.PrepareContext(ctx, getRecord); err != nil {
		return nil, err
	return &q, nil

func (q *Queries) queryRow(ctx context.Context, stmt *sql.Stmt, query string, args ...interface{}) *sql.Row {
	switch {
	case stmt != nil && q.tx != nil:
		return q.tx.StmtContext(ctx, stmt).QueryRowContext(ctx, args...)
	case stmt != nil:
		return stmt.QueryRowContext(ctx, args...)
		return q.db.QueryRowContext(ctx, query, args...)

type Queries struct {
	db            DBTX
	tx            *sql.Tx
	getRecordStmt *sql.Stmt

func (q *Queries) WithTx(tx *sql.Tx) *Queries {
	return &Queries{
		db:            tx,
		tx:            tx,
		getRecordStmt: q.getRecordStmt,

const getRecord = `-- name: GetRecord :one
SELECT id FROM records
WHERE id = $1

func (q *Queries) GetRecord(ctx context.Context, id int) (Record, error) {
	row := q.queryRow(ctx, q.getRecordStmt, getRecord, id)
	var i Record
	err := row.Scan(&i.ID)
	return i, err